jQuery: Simple Weekdays Name & Timepicker with jQuery Timepicker

jQuery Timepicker is a lightweight (2.7kb minified and gzipped) and customizable jQuery plugin.Check it out the DEMO and the SOURCE and you will be delighted to have time picker for your forms. Me, customize it to have with weekdays name. jQuery Timepicker is support for date picker, time picker and custom value for your need.

PHP: Create a List of Time Zones

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Sometimes, you want to create a list of available time zones to prompt your user to select his/her time zone. Fortunately, PHP offers timezone_identifiers_list (PHP 5 >= 5.2.0). You can create your list easily, using a function.


 * Timezones list with GMT offset
 * @return array
 * @link http://stackoverflow.com/a/9328760
function tz_list() {
  $zones_array = array();
  $timestamp = time();
  foreach(timezone_identifiers_list() as $key => $zone) {
    $zones_array[$key]['zone'] = $zone;
    $zones_array[$key]['diff_from_GMT'] = 'UTC/GMT ' . date('P', $timestamp);
  return $zones_array;

The above function returns an array with all timezones and the GMT offset for each timezone.


<div style="margin-top: 20px;">
  <select style="font-family: 'Courier New', Courier, monospace; width: 450px;">
    <option value="0">Please, select timezone</option>
    <?php foreach(tz_list() as $t) { ?>
      <option value="<?php print $t['zone'] ?>">
        <?php print $t['diff_from_GMT'] . ' - ' . $t['zone'] ?>
    <?php } ?>


Any+Time™ DatePicker/TimePicker AJAX Calendar Widget

Any+Time™ is different. More powerful, yes, but more importantly, designed with speed and ease-of-use in mind. And not only can it create a date/time picker with advanced features and options not found in other calendar/clock widgets, it also allows you to format dates and times the way you want them. Or your database wants them. Or, better yet, the way your users want them.

Mac: Clock and Calendar in Menu Bar

MagiCal is a FREE menu-based clock and calendar. It features a huge range of configuration options for how the time and date are displayed, and can operate either in conjunction with, or as a replacement for the built in system menu clock.





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